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Love Winton - Led by Outcasts

Design by Nic Knott

Who would have thought that a group of former drug addicts, convicts, homeless and uneducated would organize and execute Love Winton?

Well, I guess it all depends what you see in people!

We believe that every person no matter how rich has a need and every person no matter how poor has a gift and that is why we build and celebrate community.

Today, an artist led a group of clean up graffiti...

A gardener led a team to enhance the community garden.

A young person organized kid’s activities.

A mom provided lunch.

A coordinator went around and made sure people had everything.

A leader organized clean up on Winton Way and the park.

A whole group of people came together to love Winton.

Everyone has something to offer!

Everyone has a voice!

Everyone has a gift that contributes to "Putting Winton on the map for something good."

When people come together for a common good, they learn from each other, expand their social networks and build each other’s capacity.

Impact can be measured by how people learn from each other and value each other.

Impact can be measured by how people care for the neighborhoods and their neighbors.

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