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Yesterday They Got Caught!

Winton is changing!

And in part it's due to a group of young people who have taken on the graffiti issue. Every day under Adrian's leadership a team of young men goes out and remove graffiti from the walls, fences, trashcans and mailboxes. Instead of tagging up the town, they are cleaning it up and yesterday they got caught!

Adrian and his team where out yesterday afternoon looking for places that needed to be painted over and were pulled over by the sheriff. A tense moment turned into a blessing for the young people when they were not charged with any crime or loitering but were praised by the sheriff for doing a great work. Not having to be afraid of authorities but enjoying their favior is a new thing and I think they liked it!

Thank you to the law enforcement officer who encouraged the young people, thank you to a team of young people who are making a positive change and thank you Adrian and Ernie for having a passion for seeing the gifts, skills and potential of the young people.

Because - everyone has a need and everyone has a gift.

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