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"You can do the impossible."

I am reading the amazing journey of a young 20 year-old upper middle-class white girl who heard herself called to work with abandoned children in Uganda. In her book Kisses from Katie, Davis outlines her journey--it is a book worth reading to feel encouraged and challenged.

One journal entry: "I serve a God who used Moses, a murderer, to part the red sea, a God who let Peter, who would deny him, walk on water. A God who looks at me, in all my fallen weakness and says, you can do the impossible."

As I am thinking about my own world I wonder if community transformation will ever happen.

Will God use me to help people see how much harm long-term hand-outs do to the dignity of people? Will God use me to believe in the under-resourced and empower them? Will God use me to listen long enough to people's stories before I come up with an answer? Will God use me to help others discover the beauty of working together? Will God use me to help churches, organizations and individuals on the journey "WITH" instead of "to" or "for" others?

But in the quiet of the morning God whispers, "you can do the impossible."

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